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Benjamin Gehring

Welcome back! You're on your 7th and 8th years of school! In the first semester, the 7th graders will be focusing on Kansas history.

- Where did this state come from and how did it become so fantastically awesome?

- What role did Kansas have in starting the Civil War?

- How was Kansas a crucible for political change?

My 8th graders will be focusing on early American history.

-How did our government get built?

-Why did Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, best friends, become enemies?

-What caused the Civil War? And how did that affect US politics and national image?

All these questions wil be answered and more!

History is a passion of mine because of its complexity and intellectual depth. While many of you may have taken a few naps during your history classes I can assure you that my 8th grade US History and 7th grade Kansas History will be exciting and interactive learning environments for your children. History is much more than memorizing dates and names. History is about cause and effect, and the pushing and pulling of many cultural, economic, and personal factors.

Everyone sees history through their own personal bias, including myself. However, it’s my job to not only educate students, but to help them understand, respect, and investigate these factors of history. And with a little hard work, we will together create future citizens of tomorrow that understand where we came from, where we stand today, and where we will go tomorrow.

Benjamin Gehring
7th/8th Grade Social Studies
Spring Hill Middle School

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