Facilities & Accessibility

Spring Hill Middle School, which was built in 1995, has a warm and friendly atmosphere structured to accommodate the many needs of the middle school student. Our staff and students moved into this facility, which was previously the Spring Hill High School, in the fall of 2007. An open and inviting commons area greets every visitor to the building! We are very proud of this community facility and make every effort to maintain a high standard of care.

Classrooms have been assigned with the varying age groups and developmental levels in mind. With the exception of science, all 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade core classes – language arts, math, and social studies – are arranged in specific parts of the building in an attempt to aggregate each grade level in a common area, a grade-level home base. The four science classrooms that serve 6th – 8th graders are located together due to the specific needs of a science lab, including safety!

The elective classrooms are located throughout the building, equipped to meet the specific needs of the students/content areas:

  • Physical Education: A large gymnasium, with an approximate seating capacity of 1,500, is a wonderful facility for physical education, sports and community use. The space also features locker rooms for boys and girls physical education classes and also boys and girls varsity sports.
  • Band and Orchestra: A large classroom with ample storage for instruments and an individual practice room serves our band and orchestra programs.
  • Vocal Music: A separate classroom, located adjacent to the band and orchestra room, gives students the opportunity to explore vocal music.
  • Family and Consumer Science (FACS): Our FACS room has six fully equipped kitchens and 18 equipped sewing areas.
  • Art: Featuring a wall of windows to provide natural light, the large, open classroom is conducive for all grade levels as they work on a range of art projects.
  • Explorations in Technology: A large, open classroom with 16 synergistic modules for 7th and 8th grade students and also 11 modules for 6th graders, each with a different content theme and related equipment.
  • The Foreign Language and Read 180 classrooms are also located in our building.
  • Technology: The middle school facility has two fixed wired computer labs with a total of 56 computers, one fixed wireless lab with 28 laptop computers, and two computer carts, each with 30 laptop computers that can be moved to any classroom for use. In addition, classrooms have four to five individual computers for student use as well as up-to-date technology for teachers and students to use while presenting material.

Choir performingThe spacious and welcoming Instructional Media Center (our library area), which is located off of the commons area, features thousands of books and also is equipped with fully automated online public access catalogs.

Our very comfortable and useful auditorium is well equipped with a full stage, seating for approximately 380, and a storage area for drama activities.

The secretarial staff, counselor, nurse and administrative offices are located adjacent to the main entryway and commons area for ease and security reasons.

In addition, the beautiful and very useful Spring Hill District Stadium is located adjacent of SHMS, complete with an all-weather 8-lane track, field event areas, and a plush, well-cared for football field used by both the middle school and high school teams. In addition, this stadium is open for use by the community.

Accessibility of Facilities

To obtain specific information as to the existence and location of services, activities, and facilities that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities please contact the school Principal or Assistant Principal at 913-592-7288.

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