Jessica Dome

Welcome to 7th Grade Science


Topics Covered:


-Cells and the Human Ecosystem


-Biomedical Engineering


Since the purpose of classwork/homework is practice, it has become just that and does not get put into the grade book. Students work on assignments in class with the answer keys available to them to check as they work. This allows them to get immediate feedback and time to directly ask me questions about what they don’t understand as they work. I encourage them to keep all these sheets in their science notebook to use for studying.

Knowledge Checks

After we have practiced a new concept, taken notes and students have had a chance to ask questions, we will take a short quiz (5 questions) called a Knowledge Check. After they take this, they go back and write down any question they got wrong. They then use their notes to correct their answer(s). They have to show me this correction and then they go back and correct the Knowledge Check (these are multiple choice questions on Skyward). They will continue this process until they get 100%. This process allows them to correct their misconceptions and gives me 1 on 1 time with each student as they work through the questions. Knowledge Checks count towards 20% of their grade.

Test Prep

Prior to testing, students are given a list of the Test Targets (which are also listed each day on the board). To help prepare for studying, students are to rate how well they know each target, list what they need to study for that area and how they plan to study it. They then are to go through their notes and worksheets and code where each target is in their papers.


Tests are a summary of what the small Knowledge Checks have assessed and count towards 60% of their grade. Tests are broken down into the different standards/objectives we have studied. For example, we take a test where our main idea was the Cell Membrane. It would be broken down into 3 short tests; Structure, Function and Transport. By breaking it down, students can see what areas are strengths and which are weaknesses. The next step after taking the test is to work on the area(s) of weakness. After the test, we will break into small groups and work on the areas that students struggled with. Then students will be able to retest in the areas they need to and replace that grade. Students who have already mastered the tested content would move on to our next topic of study.

*The remaining 20% of their grade will be projects, which will be about once a quarter.

My teaching philosophy 

I want students to truly learn, not just get a good grade. My goal is to make students aware of and responsible for their learning. I want them to see the importance of really learning about a topic and give them multiple opportunities to understand it. I believe a student’s grade should reflect their learning and give them feedback about what they are struggling with. The method I use is a variation of Standards Based Grading. One of the key components of this method is giving students multiple opportunities to master the content.  Assessments are the bulk of their grade, but they are allowed to practice and then retake tests.

It will be normal to NOT see science homework (*see section on homework) this year. I believe science work should be done in the classroom and evenings/weekends should be spent with family. Occasionally a student may need to finish something small outside of class if class time was not used properly or a student was absent. Reviewing for tests outside of class is encouraged as well. 


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