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A big exciting welcome to my 7th grade English/Language Arts class! This year, we will take an adventurous tour of the four columns of the language arts curriculum: reading (both literature and informational texts), writing, listening and speaking. Through the Common Core State Standards, students will build strong content knowledge, establish independence, comprehend as well as analyze, search for evidence, learn to adjust, use technology and digital media effectively and usefully, and come to understand other perspectives and cultures.

Through this course, it is my hope that students will come out with a better understanding of the written and spoken language and that they will be ready and prepared to become knowledgeable eighth graders next year. I expect that they work hard on their assignments and upcoming projects, but I know that we will all have a wonderful time working together throughout the process!

Year at a Glance

1st Quarter: Elements of a Short Story

The Big Question: Does every conflict have a winner?

2nd Quarter: Elements of Drama

The Big Question: Do others see us more clearly than we see ourselves?

3rd Quarter: Elements of Non-Fiction

The Big Question: What should we learn?

4th Quarter: Elements of Poetry and Elements of Folklore

The Big Questions: What is the best way to communicate

Community or individual- which is more important?

Standards Based Grading 
    This year I am going to be starting the process of adopting Standards Based Grading. One of the key components of this method is giving students multiple opportunities to master the content. Assessments are the bulk of their grade, but they will be allowed to practice and then retake tests. This will include less homework, test prep, knowledge checks, projects and tests. I want the students to see the importance of their learning and the responsibly that comes along with it.

Weighted Grades 

Tests/Projects- 60%

Knowledge Checks- 30%

Daily Work/Homework- 10% 


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