James Scroggins - Vocal Music

Hello My Name Is...

James Scroggins

Welcome to the Spring Hill Vocal Music program! Are you ready to sing? 

I am very excited about the new school year and have planned many fun activities.  We have a lot of very talented and gifted musicians in the vocal program and I am looking forward to working with them for another year!

I am the Vocal Music director at Spring Hill Middle School and Woodland Spring Middle School.  

I feel the purpose of the music program in Spring Hill is to provide a fun, exciting and well-rounded education for every student.  As the director, I will strive to foster a spirit of learning within students and provide them with a quality music education. 

I believe that teamwork and success are important values that we can utilize to strengthen our program during the upcoming year.  Success is an important part of education and I feel that your children want to be successful as well.  I know that we can accomplish this success if we all work together. 

Teaching vocal music is not just a job in my eyes.  Teaching music is my life and more importantly, the students are my life.  Sharing the gift of music, enjoying in their successes, consoling their disappointments and watching them mature into responsible citizens are my rewards.  My “job” is my life-long blessing and I am truly honored every day that I have been given the title of teacher. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.  Let’s have great year!  

James K. Scroggins
(913) 592-7300