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??Tami Nichols


Hi, my name is Tami Nichols. I teach Reading Plus and 6th Grade Language Arts. I have been teaching at SHMS for about 15 years and absolutely love it here.  My wonderful family consists of my husband, David, my son, Andy, my son, Zach, and my daughter, Emily.  My kids are all grown and we are getting used to being "empty nesters!"

The Reading Plus classes are based on the programs of Read 180 and System 44.  These classes are both designed to help students improve their reading skills and levels. Both involve students working in a whole group, a small group, working on the computer, and reading books independently at their own level.  Read 180's main focus is on comprehension while System 44 adds work in the areas of decoding words and recognizing sight words.

A big focus of Read 180/System 44 is finding out each student's reading level and matching them with books at that level for them to be successful as well as find joy in reading. A website that I recommend is www.lexile.com. This is a great website that explains lexile, which is the measurement both programs use to show student's reading level as well as to match students with a book at their reading level. Please contact me if you need any help with this.

Two other great sites to check out are the Read 180 Family Portal and System 44 Family Portal.  These sites tell everything you need to know about Read 180 and System 44. I recommend watching some of the videos of parents or former students reflecting on their experiences with Read 180 or System 44. You will also find links to various sites that give tips on how to help your child with reading.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me. I would love to talk with you about these terrific programs!

Tami Nichols