Frontier League Festival


The Frontier League Festival date will be determined in August of 2020.

The Festival is a unique event for the fine arts.  Not many sports teams would invite a guest coach to come work with their team and coach them in a different way.  The fine arts recognizes that there is more than one way to perform a phrase or visualize a sound.  Therefore, if we hear the same thing from different directors and clinicians, then we understand the concept better and can apply it in our performance.  The students will learn that if you don't try something, then you won't know if it will work or not. 

Our clinician will be Dr. Melissa Grady from the University of Kansas.  The students will have to try everything that they are asked to do, and they will improve greatly because of it.  They will need to be very receptive to a different style of teaching. 

The festival will begin with a mass choir rehearsal on three pieces.  These  pieces will be performed by the mass choir consisting of choirs from Trail Ridge, Eudora, and Spring Hill.  

The concert will begin with each school performing one song by themselves that they have prepared before coming.   The concert will conclude with a performance by the combined choir.  

Please plan to attend the evening concert that begins at 7pm at the school that is hosting the festival.  They love to see you there to support them.  

Check the Concerts page for more information. 

Information sheet coming soon

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Spring Hill expects our students to be respectful, responsible, and safe.  Going different places to sing requires extra eyes for this purpose.  Watch here for ways you can help volunteer or chaperone for a choir event.  

Parent volunteer form: You can leave a note at the bottom of the permission slip about your volunteer availability.