Solo & Ensemble Contest
Date: March 26, 2022.          Location: Woodland Spring Middle School

The 7/8th grade students will be attending a Solo and Ensemble Contest.  Many students will perform a solo of their choice for a judge. After the performance the judge gives a five minute "mini Lesson" with positive and constructive comments on the performance. The student will receive written comments, a ribbon, and a certificate that displays the rating the student received.

Ratings scale: I= Superior

II= Excellent

III= Good

Dear Parents:

Here is some information for you to have concerning Solo/Ensemble Contest.

Date: March 26, 2022

Place: Woodland Spring Middle School

Dress: Choir: Wear Choir Uniform Solo: Dress nicely. Nicer than you would for school. For boys, slacks and a tie or sweater. For girls, a skirt, dresses, slacks. Well groomed. Accessories?  Another option would be to wear your choir uniform for your solo.  

Cost: $8 per participant (already paid-solos only). There will be concessions for snacks and lunch. You may want to send money for concessions. You may also want to just send snacks or a sack lunch.

This will be the 18th year the choir students will compete at contest with solos and the 12th year that the choir will compete. Each student is working hard to achieve the highest score. Parents are encouraged to come support our Mavericks at the contest in March. See you there!

Solo preparation calendar:

Solo permission slip:

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