8th grade cross-curricular project

8th grade cross-curricular project
Posted on 12/21/2018

Payton Hines


A quest full of eagerness comes to an end and the justification for a big debate finally comes in. A couple weeks before winter break, eighth grade began their first cross-curricular activity. American history and language arts merged to make one big project...a debate. Students were given fake cases and they had to decide what amendment had or had not been broken. For the history part of the project, they spent most of their time researching past supreme court cases. As for the language arts portion, students wrote many papers over those cases and they wrote their first big paper about their debate overall and why they should win! All the eighth graders learned so much about our rights and the Bill of Rights; they really put so much work into their project. The whole reason this project was chosen was to get away from normal school activities; the history and language arts teachers wanted to do something fun. Mr. Hunsaker explained, “Debate is a skill that you can use when you go into high school and beyond. You can get into more electives and classes and eventually if you like it enough you can make it a career.” The reason language arts was chosen for the cross-curricular was that research and writing go hand-in-hand. There is actually a lot more writing in a debate than you think.  Mr. Hunsaker and the other teachers wanted their students to understand and to take away from this that “history can be more fun than talking about old dead people.” During the whole time period, students got even more excited when the day of debate came closer and closer. Everybody looked forward to all the intriguing debates and of course, the decision of whose side is right and whose is wrong!

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