Veterans' Day Assembly Honors Local Veterans

Veterans' Day Assembly Honors Local Veterans
Posted on 11/12/2021
Veterans Assembly

Our SHMS community came together to honor our local veterans November 11th in our annual Veterans Day Assembly. Students were encouraged to share photos of their loved ones who are veterans or are currently active duty. These were compiled into a slideshow created by Assistant Principal Weitzel to showcase those who selflessly serve our country.

Groups contributing included local boy scout troop #3073 as well as the SHMS band, orchestra, and Student Council. The scouts, led by Beth McCreight, posted and retired the colors. Directed by Mitchell Brumley, the orchestra performed the Star Spangled Banner as part of the opening ceremony; later, the band performed “Valley Forge.”  Finally, Stu-Co under the guidance of sponsor Lindsay Davey, provided all organizing and emcee duties for the assembly.

A donation of $676 was made to the American Legion by the SHMS student body. This money was raised through basketball game admissions and sponsoring a hat day where students paid for the privilege of wearing a hat on November 5th. In past years, the funds have been used by the VFW for the Veterans Community Project that builds tiny houses for veterans. This year, the decision for how the funds will be utilized will be made in December.

However, the highlight of the assembly was the POW/MIA presentation, the “Remembrance Table,” given by American Legion members Jerry Williams and Lee Borgelt. The table is set to honor those who have served in America’s Armed Forces, especially those still missing in action (MIAs) and those held as prisoners of war (POWs).  This presentation is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices members of our military are willing to make to protect our country’s freedoms.