Current Health Alerts

Current Health Alerts

Fall Allergy Season is upon us!

The pollen count is at at HIGH level, Spring and Fall are the worst times for allergies in Kansas.  Allergies are not an illness.

If your child suffers from seasonal allergies, please consider treating their symptoms before school with an 8-12 or 24 hours dose of allergy medication.

If your child visits the Nurse with allergy symptoms, I will make sure they don't have a fever and tell them to blow their nose often, drink water and if their nose gets chapped from blowing it frequently then they can apply vaseline to the red part.

Your child may have reddened eyes, stuffy noses, sore throats, sneezing, coughing, and/or fatigue; even ear popping (related to sinus pressure due to seasonal allergies) in addition to clear nasal drainage and a possible headache and/or stomachache related to sinus pressure and drainage flowing into the stomach.

Please remind them to:

  • Eat their snack or lunch 
  • Blow their noses instead of sniffing and snorting that yucky mucous back in (this will only make symptoms worse!)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Wash their hands with soap and water or keep them clean with hand sanitizer
  • Wipe their nose and eyes with a clean tissue instead of dirty fingers, rubbing dirty hands in eyes can make them itchy & red
  • Splash/rinse itchy eyes with cool water at the sink in the restroom.  I do not have allergy medications or eye drops.
  • Cover their mouth when sneezing/coughing with their elbow instead of their hand

**If OTC allergy treatments are not helping, consider following up with your child's physician or an allergist.  Healthy Students are Happy Students!


Parents and Students:

Please be proactive and make sure your student is up to date with their immunizations.  

A single dose of Tdap is required for students entering 7th grade, if no previous history of Tdap, regardless of the interval since the last Td.
Meningitis vaccine is required for entering 7th grade and a booster at 11th grade
Hepatitis A is not currently required, but will be soon.  Please start on it now so that you will be a head of the game!

Students will need this before the first day of school.  

Please have this completed at the same time as your student's sports physical so you do not have to make a second visit.